I own a small web development business, currently comprised of just one person (me). Lately, my business has exploded and I have been struggling just to keep up with all the projects I’m working on (and I’m still getting new ones faster than I can finish old ones).

So when is it time to hire someone?

I used to work for an IT firm as Head of Web Development and had several people working with me. We had someone who was more or less an administrative assistant that made calls, scheduled appointments, etc. I had two web designers that could help with sites, a sales person, etc. But even then, at the height of the Internet boom, I didn’t need all those people. Most of the time they just cost the company money we didn’t have.

So when is it really time to hire someone? I’m getting to the point now where I can’t handle all the work I have and I could keep getting more work if I had time to give proposals. I’ve put several potential new clients on the back burner because I simply don’t have time to meet with them and develop detailed proposals.

I’ve also thought about simply increasing my rates. That would reduce the demand from new clients (eliminate the smaller clients) while making the clients I do take on more profitable. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I know I will have to do something soon.