About Brandon Eley

Brandon Eley is an e-commerce entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. He is the founder of large shoe retailer 2BigFeet.com, author of Online Marketing Inside Out, and author, blogger and speaker on e-commerce and online marketing. For more information on writing or speaking opportunities, visit the Speaking page or contact Brandon directly. For consulting requests, see the E-Commerce Consulting page.

Brandon started his e-commerce journey in 1999 when he and a coworker quit their jobs to start 2BigFeet.com. Not knowing the e-commerce bubble was about to burst, they launched 2BigFeet in April of 2000 right as the “Dot-Com Crash” was starting. To make ends meet while they were struggling to grow the business, Brandon started designing websites for other companies.

That consulting company grew, and Brandon later sold it to Kelsey Advertising in 2006. He joined the team at Kelsey as the Interactive Director, where he managed website projects ranging from small local nonprofits to large multinational websites serving millions of people per month.

While at Kelsey Advertising, Eley developed the first mobile-optimized website in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry for McDonald’s, and led the development of all of the individual restaurant home pages for 14,000+ McDonald’s restaurants in the US, including online hiring, benefits, local store marketing, and more. He led the development of complex web and mobile applications in the restaurant, real estate, healthcare, retail e-commerce, hospitality, and education industries, to name a few.

In 2009, Brandon Eley and Shayne Tilley co-authored Online Marketing Inside Out, which was published by SitePoint/O’reilly and sold in bookstores all over the world (and online). Since 2009, Brandon has traveled all over the world speaking to conferences and organizations about online marketing and e-commerce. 

Brandon left Kelsey Advertising in 2014 after almost eight years to focus on his entrepreneurial endeavors. Since leaving Kelsey, he has started Brandon Eley Consulting, a small e-commerce and online marketing consultancy focusing on e-commerce retailers with annual revenues from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Brandon Eley Consulting consists of a small team of industry professionals including e-commerce experts, copywriters, programmers, designers, and marketers. Brandon uses his more than fifteen years of experience to help clients take their e-commerce businesses to the next level.

Brandon lives in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia with his wife Tracy and their two children.




Brandon has been speaking for more than 10 years at organizations, conferences, and industry events all over the world about online marketing and e-commerce. Learn more.



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Brandon is the co-author of Online Marketing Inside Out and has written for industry publications and newsletters. Contact Brandon about writing for your publication.