Creative Zen Micro MP3 PlayerI’m thinking of getting a Creative Zen Micro MP3 player. It’s compatible with Napster To Go and looks pretty cool. It has an FM radio and can record from FM to the hard drive, has a voice recorder, and the menu is customizeable.

I’ve been looking at dozens of MP3 players (all with hard drives) and have come down to this, the Dell Jukebox, and a few others. The Apple iPod is not in my list because I’m not very happy with iTunes music service. I got hooked on Napster and Napster To Go services. Being able to download 5GB of songs to my MP3 player for a small monthly fee. Then if you want to buy a CD or song, you can.

So, if anyone has any opinions I’d love to hear them. I’m selling my Xbox on Ebay right now. I never get to play it anymore and thought a MP3 player would get more use anyway. I should be able to buy one in about a week.