Who Do They Think Read Errors, Anyway?

Back in 2004 Jason Fried and Matthew Linderman of 37 Signals wrote Defensive Design for the Web because there was a real epidemic spreading around the Web. Error messages were cryptic, server-generated strings of gobbledygook that didn't make any sense to the real people visiting websites, and very few large websites seemed to give any thought or planning [...]

The BuySafe Difference: 18.6% Boost to Our Conversion Rate (A Review)

Back in January I was contacted by BuySafe about trying their service on 2BigFeet.com. We’ve tried several “website seals” over the years, and have never found them to cause a significant increase in conversions – not enough to justify their high costs, anyway. So when BuySafe contacted us I wasn’t in a hurry to give [...]

31DHC Day 7 – Caching, Compression and Page Speed Tools

In today's 31 Days to Higher Conversions episode we quickly go over what are cashing and Gzip compression and provide resources for setting them up. We also look at Yahoo! Yslow browser extension and Google Page Speed service to evaluate your website's speed and performance. Setup caching (using meta tag or server-side): http://www.websiteoptimization.com/speed/tweak/cache/ Yslow Browser Extension: http://yslow.org/ [...]

31DHC Day 6 – Speed Up Your Website

Could you be losing sales because your website doesn't load fast enough? In today's episode, we'll take a look at ways to speed up your website by optimizing images and creating image sprites. Additional Resources: Speed Up Your Website and Boost Conversions

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