Who Do They Think Read Errors, Anyway?

Back in 2004 Jason Fried and Matthew Linderman of 37 Signals wrote Defensive Design for the Web because there was a real epidemic spreading around the Web. Error messages were cryptic, server-generated strings of gobbledygook that didn't make any sense to the real people visiting websites, and very few large websites seemed to give any thought or planning [...]

Optimizing Online Checkout – Free Report from Demandware

"According to Forrester Research, the average shopping cart abandonment rate among online retailers is 36 percent." Demandware's new best practice white paper titled "Optimizing Online Checkout" seeks to change that statistic. Packed with great tips and real data to back them up, this report offers sound advice that can help you decrease shopping cart abandonment [...]

Should you list a phone number on your website?

There is a lot of debate about the issue of offering phone sales and service. Many of the large retailers such as eBay and Amazon have all but hidden from customers, by only posting email contact forms. Does that mean smaller e-commerce retailers can get away with not listing contact information? The large retailers such [...]

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