At South by Southwest 2011

I'm in Austin, Texas for my fourth SxSW (South by Southwest) Interactive conference. This year I am not speaking, but am here on a press pass doing some interviews and covering the event for the SitePoint Tribune newsletter and my blogs. I'm looking forward to the interviews, panels, and parties. If you're at SxSW, find [...]

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My Massive SxSW 2010 Recap

South by Southwest Interactive isn’t just a conference. It’s “Spring Break for geeks.” That may have started as a joke, but it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Every year, thousands and thousands of web designers, programmers, gamers, bloggers and online marketers come together for what is most probably the largest technology conference of its [...]

What is Going to Save the Publishing Industry?

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the demise of the print industry and can’t help but think of my humble beginnings. I started out putting designs together manually using light tables, velum paper and stock art books. I’ve done every step of the process, from design and desktop publishing through production and finishing. I’ve [...]

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At South by Southwest Conference

I'm in Austin, Texas at SxSW (South by Southwest) for the Interactive portion of the Music, Film and Interactive conference. I'm here with Brant Kelsey, owner of Kelsey Advertising & Design, and Brian & Roman, two of our designers. So far I haven't attended many panels, but have met a lot of great people in [...]

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A Hard Lesson: Using Social Media Websites

Ma.gnolia, a social bookmarking web application (very similar to Delicious), has had a catastrophic failure and lost all of it's data (including backups). The founder Larry Lalff has posted a letter to members replacing their website. The website was completely taken down, while engineers attempt to reconstruct the database. See the letter below: Dear Ma.gnolia [...]

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