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WordPress 2.7 Nearing Release

Wordpress 2.7 is nearing release, and they've released a video of the new dashboard. I think the new dashboard is a major improvement over previous designs. I've never really used the dashboard in my WP installs... it just seemed like an afterthought. It had a few useful links at the top to create a new [...]

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Blogworld Expo Recap & Thoughts

I had a great time at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas... met some really cool people including Robert Scoble, Jim Kukral, Jason Falls, Gary Vaynerchuk, Lee Lefever, and saw lots of friends including Patrick O'Keefe, Chrispian Burks, Darren Rowse, and Jeremy Wright. I met so many awesome people... if I left anyone out I'm sorry! [...]

Do search engines even work?

This is more of a rant. As you probably know, I own large size shoe retailer 2BigFeet.com. I frequently check our rank in the major search engines for terms such as "large shoes", "large size shoes", "large men's shoes", etc. Today after running my regular monthly report I followed it up by actually searching a [...]

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Test your AdWords ads before turning them on…

I was searching Google this morning - I'm trying to find a list of cell phones/mobile devices and their javascript capabilities - and noticed this interesting paid ad by Verizon. In the trenches of everyday work, it's understandable to make a mistake here and there, but if you're paying for an ad, you should make [...]

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