WordPress 2.7 is nearing release, and they’ve released a video of the new dashboard. I think the new dashboard is a major improvement over previous designs. I’ve never really used the dashboard in my WP installs… it just seemed like an afterthought. It had a few useful links at the top to create a new post or page, but nothing that couldn’t be found in the navigation.

The new design features an Ajaxed dashboard that allows you to add modules you like and remove modules you might not need. You can moderate comments and create new posts directly from the dashboard, and you can see a list of recent drafts and click to edit them.

The menu system has also been revamped, and looks like it took some inspiration from the Tiger Admin for WordPress. They’ve moved the navigation to the left sidebar, and it will be collapsible to just icons, giving you more room for the dashboard.

Checkout the video and see what you think about WordPress 2.7: