Special Offers on Special Days

Today is Election Day in the United States. This is probably the biggest election of all time, and voter turnout is amazing. With all the people at the polls, who has time to shop online? A lot of people, apparently. By 8 o'clock this morning I had already received 3 emails from online merchants. I [...]

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Top E-Commerce Conversion Rates

GrokDotCom's latest conversion rate report is out and Office Depot leads the pack with 26.9%. Checkout July's Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate. These numbers are incredibly amazing, but are these conversion rates realistic for small e-commerce merchants? I have personally seen small e-commerce retailers with conversion rates between 8-10%. Compared to the national [...]

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Did you do everything you could have this holiday season?

It's the end of the busiest shopping season of the year, and a lot of retailers are probably thinking they could have done more to spark growth in holiday sales. Did y ou do everything you could to increase sales this season? Probably not. None of us did... there are hundreds -- thousands -- of [...]

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