It’s the end of the busiest shopping season of the year, and a lot of retailers are probably thinking they could have done more to spark growth in holiday sales. Did y ou do everything you could to increase sales this season?

Probably not. None of us did… there are hundreds — thousands — of ideas for increasing sales, and it’s almost impossible to implement them all in time for the holiday season, even for large companies. We had a list broken down by priority, and as fast as I could check items off the list, another 2 ideas would be added.

We had a great holiday shopping season, but now that it’s almost over, I realize that I should have started much, much earlier. With more time, some more of my ideas could have materialized.

So, my advice as this holiday season comes to an end — Start planning for Holiday Season 2008 now. Make a timeline and start working towards it now… so when October/November rolls around next year, you’ll be ready!