I follow a lot of other people and companies’ blogs, and one thing that annoys me is useless, random posts about some odd personal topic that likely no one cares about. Isn’t that what blogging was meant to be? A web log of one’s life?

Sometimes I refrain from writing in my blog about personal topics. Why? Maybe I care that the two people who read my blog won’t give a rats. Maybe because I’m not comfortable putting my personal life on the Internet for everyone to see. Who knows.

I do know that I don’t post very often to my personal blog. I should post more, I know. But being a full-time consultant, entrepreneur and Internet publisher takes a lot of time and work, and by the time I actually get a decent idea about business or the Internet, it’s all I can do to simply execute it myself.

I could fill in the gaps in my blog by posting random personal topics, like pictures of my kids tormenting my cat. Or I could just post sparingly…