The MacWorld Expo starts tomorrow. The Keynote, delivered by none other than Steve Jobs, is Tuesday at 9AM Pacific time. I’m not able to attend the expo (I’m already doing a lot of traveling the next three months) so I’ll be forced to be reading some blogs to get my updates as the keynote unfolds.

I’m hoping for an ultra-portable MacBook Pro, movie rentals in iTunes, and an iPhone software update. I’d love to see a 3G iPhone with 16 GB of memory, but even if it’s announced, it probably won’t be available for some months to come.

But I will be happy, rather ecstatic, if they just announce the iPhone SDK and post details immediately. After getting a new iPhone (due to my wife dropping hers) I was locked in to 1.1.2, so I can’t run AppTapp or any third-party apps. The SDK, though it will probably limit 3rd party apps somewhat, would be my dream announcement.