Headed to ConvergeSE

I'm headed to ConvergeSE with my good friend Josh Coffee this weekend to hang out with friends, learn some stuff, and hopefully find some resources like a programmer and an html/css developer. It's the first conference I've been to in a long time where I haven't been speaking. I'm looking forward to just being able to be [...]

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See Me at BlogWorld 2010

In just a few days I’ll be flying to Las Vegas for my third BlogWorld & New Media Expo conference. I was just an attendee in 2008, and had a book signing last year in 2009. This year, I’m excited to be much more involved. I’ll have a full schedule this year, with a book [...]

I’m at BlogWorld in Las Vegas

I'm headed to Las Vegas for BlogWorld, a blogging and new media conference. I really enjoyed the conference last year... I met some great people and learned a lot. I'm especially excited about this year because I have a book signing Friday at 11 AM, a time slot I'm sharing with Patrick O'Keefe, good friend [...]

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