Too many people think success is a destination at some designated time or point in their lives or career. I used to think this too. Since I was 18, I’ve had my definition of success and “retirement” planned out in my mind… I’ll travel around the world spending all the money I’ve saved, living my “dream life.”

Every step of the way, I’d tell myself that I’d be successful when. I’d be successful when I could buy a new car. I’d be successful when we moved into a bigger house. I’d be successful when I sold my business. Most importantly I told myself I’d be successful when I could travel the world.

Meanwhile, I’ve been married to the love of my life for more than ten years. I am raising two beautiful and bright children. I’ve started, built and sold businesses. I’ve written a book and traveled the world speaking at conferences and organizations promoting it.

Looking back, I’ve had an incredible life so far… filled with excitement, challenges, and great memories. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I’ll do when. I wish I had spent more time living in the moment and really experiencing life.

They say success is different for everyone. Your definition of success is different from my definition of success. I think our definition of success changes depending on our experience. My definition of success looking back on my life now is very different from my definition of success as I was striving to achieve more and more.

Success in life isn’t about money, possessions, or status. It isn’t something that happens at some magical point in your life. Life is about the journey, not the destination. After all, the destination is the exact same for all of us.

Make your life a success by living it to it’s fullest, every single day.