Application for employmentI was recently asked to serve as chairman of a committee. Me. A guy who barely remember’s who wrote the rules of order, and can’t recite a single one of them.

I’ve been involved with the Workforce Development Committee since its inception, and Kelsey Advertising & Design developed the website for it’s first initiative. A subset of the Troup County Center for Strategic Planning, the committee is tasked with developing programs and initiatives that reduce local unemployment by ensuring our workforce has the skills and education needed to fill job openings in our area.

Some of the committee’s initiatives include the Troup County Works website (, a free job board exclusive to Troup County residents and regional employers; Troup Trained, a fast-track advanced training program aimed at helping unemployed people find meaningful work; and youth programs, including the College & Career Academy project, focused on workforce development and student achievement.

The committee’s members represent both local city and county governments, LaGrange College, West Georgia Technical College, Troup County School System, the Department of Labor, local industry, small businesses, and more. The initiaves instituted by the committee and its members hae already made a big impact in our area.

Needless to say, this committee does incredibly important and serious work, and is really making a difference in the community. When I was asked to serve as chairman, my first thought was “Me?”. I may just be the youngest member of the committee, and regardless of age there are many members with far more experience both in their respective industries and with running a committee. I have to say I’m no stranger to speaking in front of people, but I was pretty nervous leading my first committee meeting.

I’m honored to be asked to serve as chairman of the Workforce Development Committee, and I’m looking forward to working with other committee members, employers and community leaders as we word toward our goal to reduce local unemployment.