I love web 2.0 names. If you haven’t heard of Twitter or Pownce, then you probably have absolutely no idea what they are. They sound like what your cat does with a ball of yarn, but they’re actually ways to let your friends know what you are up to.

Check out my profile to get a better idea. Patrick hooked me up with an invite so I’m beta testing the site (thanks). I have a few invites I can give out, so hit me up if you would like one.

You can post links, events, messages and even files and Pownce will automatically email your friends and let them know. There is a nifty desktop client (for Win & Mac) that lets you post without even opening your browser.

I’m not sure I have enough friends to need Pownce (an email usually works fine for me) but I like the concept and am going to give it a try.