I left the office today intending to get a little work done from Starbucks. I haven’t been to SB lately, both because I’ve been traveling and I’m just trying to cut back a bit. It’s not good for me and is expensive as well. But I love it.

So, I came by for a much needed cup of joe and was intending to use my Verizon Wireless EVDO Expresscard to connect to the Internet and get some work done. After trying to access a few websites and email, disconnecting and reconnecting several times, I realized something was wrong. I have had my card since around November of last year and have been very happy with it so far. The service has been very reliable and though not really “broadband” speeds, it does everything I need.

I called Verizon from my iPhone and talked with two very nice support representatives. Neither knew much (if anything) about Macs (they actually called them “Macintoshes” — how long has it’s been since you’ve heard them referred to as that?) and I had a feeling it was going to be a rough night. The first rep suggested I upgrade my software, which I did. The new software was touted as being compatible with 10.5 (according to the website, not the rep) so I thought it might help. Nope. Still couldn’t actually download pages or email… though it would connect just fine.

The second rep walked me through much the same troubleshooting steps as the first, but also tried a few speed tests and other tricks. None worked, and so he offered to enter a trouble ticket with the network team. After another hour on the phone, he finally had all the information about my system, card, software, network problem, address, etc. he needed and I got off the phone. I spent roughly 3 1/2 hours tonight dealing with this, and of course have gotten zero work done.

There are a lot of “tools” and “things” out there that offer “increased productivity.” Be leery of them, however. Spending 3 1/2 hours on NOTHING productive has drained my will to do anything now. I can barely finish this post! I would have been much more productive (though thirsty and craving caffeine) if I had just stayed at the office or gone home instead.

BTW, it seems after spending all that time opening the trouble ticket my internet is working (though sporadically) and hopefully this post will make it through.