New photo gallery online

I've added a new photo gallery link to the top of all the pages and have implemented a photo gallery Flickr plugin for Wordpress. I like Flickr, and think this will be easier than installing a third party photo gallery software. We'll see. Check out my photos of Coastal Drive West, a photo shoot I [...]

Digital Camera Followup

I just wanted to follow-up on the digital camera. I sent the camera back again at Beach Camera's expense. After they had posession for several days I called to check on the exchange (since the quality manager promised to ship my new camera the day the old one arrived). They finally shipped the camera the [...]

Still no camera…

I still don't have a camera... BeachCamera received it on Friday and still hasn't mailed the replacement (the second replacement) out to me yet. I called this morning and they promised to mail it today. Hopefully I will get it sometime this wee - I have a photoshoot with a client I have been putting [...]

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New Digital Camera

Well, I've been using my Canon A70 3.2 MP camera long enough. I finally upgraded to a real camera... Canon Digital Rebel 6.2 MP SLR with a 18-55MM AF lens. It came in last Friday just as I was leaving to go to Miami for a trade show. I took it to Miami and took [...]

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