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Free Speech isn’t Free of Consequences

Every year I speak to high school and college students about how social media can affect landing (and keeping) a job, and I’m often surprised that they should be able to say and do anything they want online without any consequences. I want to set the record straight: Yes, you can get fired for what [...]

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Recapping 2014 and Looking Forward to 2015

I’m not generally fond of resolutions. But for the past several years, with a few exceptions, I’ve spent some time at the first of each year to recap the previous year’s goals and accomplishments (and failures) and look forward to the new year. It’s never been something too strict, I haven’t always stuck to the same [...]

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How much of your success is luck?

I saw a thread on Reddit asking “How much of your success is luck?” and thought it was a great question. I wrote a short answer on Reddit, but wanted to expand on my answer a little. The tldr version: Luck doesn’t exist.  […]

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My Reading List for October 2014

I read a lot. I read books about high level business strategy, personal growth, and marketing. I also love to read books about history (specifically American history around the time of the American Revolution), poker strategy, and personal and business finance. I thought I'd start posting once a month to let you know what I've been [...]

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