Every year I speak to high school and college students about how social media can affect landing (and keeping) a job, and I’m often surprised that they should be able to say and do anything they want online without any consequences. I want to set the record straight:

Yes, you can get fired for what you post on Twitter or Facebook.

Yes, what you post on social media can influence whether or not you get hired.

This week, there’s a story making headlines of a young girl who was fired from her job at a small pizzeria before it even began, when she tweeted how unhappy she was about starting the job. When the local business owner was sent a screenshot of her dramatic tweet, he replied to it, firing her with a little drama of its own.

Her tweet:


And the business owner’s reply (he has since set his account to private):



Which prompted her reply:


The girl in question has become quite a celebrity, with interview requests and lots of support by people declaring what the business owner did wrong, and some going so far as to say it was illegal. Many told her she should hire an attorney or call the human resources department of the company.