Toscana Fireplace ScreenIt’s getting cold again here in Georgia, and after the first time using our fireplace this season I remembered how much I need a screen to protect our hardwoods and rug from the hot embers that sometimes pop out onto the floor. After searching online for about an hour, I settled on a nice (but expensive) fireplace screen from Frontgate.

As I was browsing their site that was advertising a 30% off promotion in multiple places, I was served a pop-up promising free shipping on my first order if I signed up for the email list. I signed up (even though I’m already on their email list) so I could save a few extra dollars on shipping since I was sure this was a heavy item. Nowhere on the popup did it say free shipping would not work with other promotions.

When I was still being charged shipping in the shopping cart, I called Frontgate sales and explained that I was trying to check out but it wasn’t giving me the free shipping. The rep looked around for a minute bef