Okay, this is getting rediculous. For the past month and a half I’ve been trying to get a Treo 600 that actually works. Like an idiot, I dropped mine and cracked the screen. I know, I know. T-Mobile was kind enough to replace it out-of-warranty for $70. One catch – it was replaced with a refurbished unit. At least the new unit had a 90 day warranty, right?

Well, I got a loaner phone and patiently waited for the new Treo. When it came I thought I was finally going to get back to normal. No… the thing wouldn’t hold a charge. It would charge all night, and by lunch it would be giving low battery indications. So I called Palm and told them about it. They sent another replacement.

The second replacement seemed to work okay for about a week. I was just starting to get back into the swing of things when it just died. No lights, no sounds, nothing. This morning I grabbed the phone when I was walking out the door and it was just dead. SO, I called T-Mobile again, and after answering the same questions three times with different levels of technical support (Yes, I’ve tried resetting the damned thing!) they finally agreed to send me another one.

After arguing with the rep for a few minutes, he conceeded and agreed to expedite shipping without charging me. So hopefully by Tuesday I’ll have a replacement. I can’t deal with this loaner phone. No contacts, no appointments, nothing. It’s hell.