Seth Godin recently posted about a number of employees from a nameless company that all seemed to abdicate responsibility for their company’s actions. One employee went so far as to say, “All I do is work here.”

I don’t know what company Seth is talking about in his post, but I’ve heard that a number of times myself. It’s not uncommon for employees who know something is wrong to simply cop out by saying “Ah, I can’t do anything, I just work here.”

Well, I completely agree with Seth. If you cash your paycheck then you are responsible. You are as much at fault by saying and doing nothing as the people who are driving your brand into the ground.

Take responsibility for your brand, especially when things get bad. If you care so little about the company you work for and its culture to step in when things are bad, quit. Find a new job. But don’t continue to work there all the while refusing to acknowledge you’re a part of the problem.