Speaking at the eCommerce Merchants Trade Association

I'll be speaking tomorrow at the Atlanta chapter of the eCommerce Merchants Trade Association. I'm going to talk about 3 simple action items that can dramatically increase your conversion rate. I've employed these same action items to increase the conversion rate on one of my websites by more than 50%. If you're an e-commerce retailer [...]

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Top Reasons Visitors Abandon Shopping Carts

The average conversion rate for e-commerce websites is 2%, which means that the vast majority of customers don't make a purchase.As many as 10-20% of your unique visitors will place an item in their shopping cart, but leave before closing the deal. Below are the main reasons people abandon shopping carts: Unexpected or high shipping [...]

E-Commerce 101: Conversion Rates

Your e-commerce store's conversion rate is the ratio of visitors to customers. It's the percentage of visitors that actually complete a sale online. Simple example: 20 sales / 1000 unique visitors = 0.02 = 2% conversion rate Your store's conversion rate is critical to your success. The average conversion rate for retail B2B e-commerce is [...]

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