Google Qualified Advertising ProfessionalI am now a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. I took the exam today, along with Brant Kelsey and Katie McGinty, from Kelsey Advertising & Design. We’ve been going through the lessons in the Learning Center studying for the exam, and we all passed by a wide margin.

What is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional?

A Google AdWords professional is an individual that has met the following requirements:

  • Managed an Adwords account for at least 90 days
  • Met a minimum spending requirement by Google for at least 90 days
  • Passed the Qualified Google Advertising Professional exam

The certification program is meant to show potential clients and employers that you have a solid understanding of Google AdWords and pay-per-click marketing.

Why Get Certified?

I wanted to get certified for two reasons:

  1. Learn more about Google AdWords so I can better manage client’s and my own accounts
  2. Use the certification as a marketing tool to show off our skill set and competency with online marketing

I’m not sure how many accounts we’ll land because we’re certified, but I think it will reinforce our expertise with our current clients and maybe even help to drive home the fact that online advertising continues to grow and become more prominent.

Other Certifications

Google has two other certifications I would like to get this year:

  • Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC)
  • Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC)

Those will be a little more difficult to acheive. They don’t require a formal exam, but do require individual verification by Google (and require that you are a Qualified Google Advertising Professional). I’m looking forward to the challenge.