earthday-globalselfieHappy Earth Day! On a holiday created specifically to demonstrate support for environmental protection, NASA sure has a funny way of celebrating it. That’s right, NASA is asking everyone to print out a piece of paper to use as a sign to hold in a “selfie” photo of themselves.

I shouldn’t have to point out the irony in asking everyone to print out a piece of paper to take a photo supporting Earth Day, but here we are. NASA’s usually really good about this stuff, so I can forgive them for a mistake here and there. Still, we don’t want thousands (or millions) of pieces of paper heading to the landfill just so we can take some selfies, right?

This is what NASA should have done…

Earth Day Global Selfie Sign Generator

Just head to the link above in your tablet and create a sign, without killing any trees or adding to landfills!

I know it’s not perfect, but it’s what I could do in a few minutes this morning. If you have suggestions on changes, email me at brandon