Things are getting really busy for me, and this fall is shaping up to be the busier than all of 2008 combined. I’ll be traveling to several conferences (some of which I’m speaking at), and am working on an email marketing course two more books, and have a family reunion to thrown in as well. I thought I’d take a moment to outline some of the projects I’ll be working on over the next few months.

Upcoming Speaking Schedule

After a couple months off, I’m getting back into a regular speaking schedule. I’m excited to be speaking several times this fall all over the country:

  • Tips Bloggers Can Learn from Online Marketers
    September 18-19 – WordCamp Birmingham (Birmingham, AL)
  • Free and Open Source Tools for Business
    October 1-2 – ConvergeSouth (Greensboro, NC)
  • 5 Strategies Bloggers Can Learn from Online Marketers
    Panel with Scott Stratten, Scott Fox, Shayne Tilley and myself
    October 14-16 – BlogWorld & New Media Expo (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Ethics and Social Media Marketing
    Panel with Patrick O’Keefe, Jeremy Wright, Jay Baer and myself
    October 14-16 – BlogWorld & New Media Expo (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Effective Networking for Freelancers & Independent Contractors
    November 13 – IndieConf (Raleigh, NC)

I am interested in new speaking opportunities as well. If you need a speaker for your conference or event, get in touch. You can see my entire speaking schedule on the Online Marketing Speaker page.

Email Marketing Live

I’m working with SitePoint on an online learning course teaching the fundamentals of successful email marketing. It will start with the absolute basics, and cover everything from determining what emails should be about to building a subscriber list to designing effective newsletters and testing them to increase conversions.

The course will start this fall and will include lots of one-on-one time with me in a private chat area where I’ll be available to answer questions, review campaigns, etc. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

Upcoming Books

I was asked to coauthor a book, but with my current schedule and the proposed deadline by the publisher, I had to decline. I did agree to be the technical editor and as an advisor of sorts on the content. I’m very excited about working on the project, though, even if in a lesser capacity. The book is about the business of web design and should be out early next year.

I’m also working on a third book, which I can’t be too specific about just yet. I’m working with a colleague on a book proposal that we’ll soon pitch to a few publishers. I’m pretty excited about the subject matter and that there aren’t any marketing books published in the last 5 years that really cover it.


I’ve been blogging much more lately on the Online Marketing Inside Out blog, and here. I’m trying to get into a regular schedule of posting (typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday but this week was a long holiday weekend). It’s going to be a little difficult to keep up the pace with everything else I have going on, so I may have some guest posts, contests, and other fun topics.

Tribune Newsletter

I’m still writing alternating issues of the SitePoint Tribune email newsletter, that reaches over 200,000 web professionals every week. My next issue comes out this Thursday. Subscribe now to be sure to get it.