Well, I was surfing the web yesterday (great way to start a post about exercise) and came across Men’s Health’s website. I’ve read the magazine a few times, mostly in my more active days… and took a look around. They’re doing an Abs Diet Challenge and the winner wins a 2005 Ford Mustang!

I’m very overweight and have been wanting to get in shape and lose some inches so I decided to try the challenge. I took some before photos, but won’t post them yet. I don’t want to make anyone sick. When I have both before and after pics I may post them. Right now I’m just over 200 lbs. and have a 36″ waist. I am not so much concerned about my weight as I am with my waist size… I want to get lean abs and cut down to a 33″ or 34″ waist in the 6 week challenge. Overall I want to be back to a 32″ waist.

They give suggestions for workout schedules and diet, which I’m going to give a try. I’ve got some free weights and a workout bench I can use at home, plus I’m going to scout the town for local gyms. Hopefully I can stick to it… hey for a 2005 Mustang I think I can lose a few inches!