We spent four days walking the show floor trying to find suppliers who made big shoes. I think we found a few. We had already known about several of these companies, but just had the chance to sit down and setup an account or talk to a rep. Here’s what we found:

  • Crocs up to size 17.
  • Men’s house slippers up to size 18.
  • Dress shoes up to size 18.
  • Casual shoes to size 17 and 18.

We also met a few manufacturers who were interested in doing some custom production for us up to size 20. That’s where the real promise is — we’d love to relaunch our own shoe brand (P. Bunyan Footwear) but after the attempts to manufacturer in Mexico both using a broker and by ourselves, we put those plans on hold. We could never get the factories to take our small quantities (by their standards) seriously.

We’ve got a LOT of new shoes coming in the next few months, and I’m excited about all the new brands and styles.