Do ugly websites sell more than professionally designed websites? Some people tend to believe that ugly websites are as effective, or more effective, than their professionally designed counterparts.

I think good design is more than just graphics – user interface, layout, typography, graphics, content and usability all work together to make a design good or bad. Still, the number of successful ugly ducklings out there suggest there is something more that affects conversion. Most professionals the e-commerce and web development will tell you the design and marketing of a website determine its success, but that’s just not the case.

First and foremost, the product determines a website’s success. If the website’s product or service appeals to people, it will probably be successful (unless it’s just too hard to use).

So if you’re concerned that your conversion rate is low and nothing you do to your design seems to help, take a look at your products and target market. Do they match? Do people want what you’re selling?