Today is the big one… the 2012 Presidential election. I’ve already seen lots of posts on Facebook and Twitter urging others to go vote, and I’ve seen a few people argue that it’s their right not to vote if they don’t like either candidate. Well, while it is your right to vote, or not vote, I think that’s a misguided argument. The Presidential election isn’t the only issue on the ballots, and in most states there are more than two Presidential candidates. Libertarian Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 47 states.

I’ve also heard the argument that if you’re not in a swing state, your vote doesn’t really count. That’s not true, either. There are also state and local issues to vote on, and your vote can be the difference between a bill passing or failing, between the right candidate being elected or narrowly losing. There’s also something to be said about casting your vote for your candidate out of principle.

So, educate yourself on the issues and go vote today. If you’re in Georgia, you can look up a sample ballot and see what issues you are voting on. In our area, we have the Presidential election, county Sheriff, state representatives, and two Georgia constitutional amendments. I researched each candidate and issue on Google before hitting the polls this morning.

I don’t care about party affiliation or the candidate you vote for, as long as you are informed on the candidates and issues. You can make a difference. Go vote.