Starting an Exciting New Chapter

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost eight years since I sold my small web development company to Brant and joined Kelsey Advertising & Design. I thought I would stay at Kelsey for a year, maybe two at the most. Year after year, we have continued to work on interesting and challenging projects, for some [...]

The Holiday Season is Here

I know it's the holiday season because the parking lots are full of shoppers and the coffee shop is full from people trying to escape the cold. As much as I dislike shopping this time of year, I really love the holiday season. A lot of people slow down or take vacation, but this is [...]

Interview on LGTV 19 “Downtown Alive” Airing Throughout April

Here is my interview on LaGrange Government Television Channel 19's Downtown Alive program. The show is airing about two times a day throughout the month of April. They say you are your worst critic, and I definitely think that's true. I'm not particularly happy with some parts of the interview, but they didn't even edit [...]

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