I’m doing redesigns of several of my websites. I don’t think I’ll be designing my personal site anytime soon but I will be redesigning RackData.com, EleyTech, and E-Commerce Resources in the coming days (or weeks).

The reason? I’m making them more accessible, more usable and more standards-compliant. In doing this, I hope to increase search engine rankings and make the sites easier to update. I also want to try to make all the sites accessible to mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

Looking back at some older websites, I’m amazed at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. Web development is a fast-changing field, with new technologies and standards emerging constantly. And on top of that, many conventions and commonalities in web design today are against those web standards. Books still teach the “old” way almost exclusively.

Learning to create usable, accessible websites seperating content from layout is more important now than ever. I will probably be redesigning all my sites (and many client websites) to be standards-compliant in the coming months.