Worldwide Brands has released a video series on e-commerce. If you’re not familiar with the company, WorldWide Brands is a product sourcing company for e-commerce and retail businesses. They are on of the only reputable sourcing companies I’ve found for sourcing product for your e-commerce store.

Worldwide Brands has one of the largest directories of bulk wholesalers, light bulk wholesalers and drop shippers. They verify the information of all their suppliers rigorously. Unlike many “drop shipper” directories you can find in Google, Worldwide Brands is a legitimate company. They have been around for years (I have been a member for at least 3 years) and is the only product directory I recommend.

They have released a new video series on e-commerce and the current “recession” in the United States. Only two videos have been released so far, but there is some good content and will get you thinking and planning your e-commerce store. I’m sure this video series will be an excellent source of information and inspiration for new e-commerce store owners (or those thinking about starting one).

The video series won’t be up forever, so make sure to sign up and watch it. It’s totally free, and there’s no catch. If you like the information and want to start an e-commerce business (or another one) I highly recommend Worldwide Brands as a way of finding reputable companies to purchase product from.

I am not affiliated with Worldwide Brands in any way. I’m just a satisfied customer.