I get a lot of phishing emails, but this is the first email I’ve gotten claiming to be the IRS. I love the excellent use of grammar:

You got $33.70 tax refund, please follow the steps to get refund.

The email doesn’t even hide the actual link destination, and the site it directs to is at mail.officebrasil.com.br. Huh? Do people actually fall for these scams?

Complete email below.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS.gov)

Get Tax Refund on your Visa or MasterCard

You got $33.70 tax refund, please follow the steps to get refund.

Please enter you Social Security Number and a valid Visa or MasterCard number where you want the refund to be made.

We are asking for your personal information to ensure we access the correct account,enabling us to provide the tax return.

We use and retain your personal information only for this purpose and only long enough to complete the transsaction,ensure the
security of our systems, and as authorized by law. We do not share it other than as provided by law.If you choose not to provide
it,we will not be able to fully comply the tax return.

Internal Revenue Code Section 7317 allows us to request your Social Security Number and Credit/Debit Card Number.
If you do not enter complete and valid information we cannot provide tax return.

To collect the Tax Return please use the link below:
(if you can’t open it just copy the link in your internet browser)

Director, Office of Privacy
Internal Revenue Service
Room 7050 OS:MA:P
1111 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20224