Newspaper End Rolls

Photo by waferboard

The cost of packing materials can add up quickly… peanuts, packing paper, bubble-wrap. There are lots of different ways to pack your orders but we discovered a secret a long time ago that has saved us thousands of dollars per year.

Newspaper End Rolls

Your local newspaper prints using large rolls of paper. These rolls of paper have to be changed out before they run out, so there is always a little paper left over. How much? Well, probably a few hundred feet (maybe even 1,000). These “end rolls” as the newspaper calls them are unprinted paper, so unlike used newspapers they won’t get ink all over your hands.

These end-rolls are cheap too. For years, our local newspaper just gave them to us for free. As demand grew, our newspaper started charging for end rolls, but they still only charge $5 per roll. A roll will last us months.

Contact your local newspaper and see if they will sell (or give) you some end-rolls for packing materials.