My Reading List for October 2014

I read a lot. I read books about high level business strategy, personal growth, and marketing. I also love to read books about history (specifically American history around the time of the American Revolution), poker strategy, and personal and business finance. I thought I'd start posting once a month to let you know what I've been [...]

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Leadership Troup 2015 Kick Off Retreat

I’m really excited to be a part of the 2015 class of Leadership Troup. Leadership Troup is a leadership program led by the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce, where existing and emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds are brought together over the period of nine months for educational programs, a leadership retreat, and more. Earlier this week, the [...]

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Holiday Sales Forecast Q4 2008

There is a lot of speculation about whether this online shopping season was a bust or boom. Some reports just before Christmas shows online shopping down 1% over that same time last year, and other reports I've seen show slowed overall growth, but numbers still above 2008. In this slowing economy, many online retailers (myself [...]

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E-Commerce 101: Conversion Rates

Your e-commerce store's conversion rate is the ratio of visitors to customers. It's the percentage of visitors that actually complete a sale online. Simple example: 20 sales / 1000 unique visitors = 0.02 = 2% conversion rate Your store's conversion rate is critical to your success. The average conversion rate for retail B2B e-commerce is [...]

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