I left the agency world several years ago and had been working on growing our e-commerce company full-time, but I kept getting calls and emails asking about consulting on various projects, some of which sounded really exciting. I decided to dip my toes back into the consulting waters and took a few solo jobs, and I really enjoyed it. So, in 2018, I founded Brandon Eley Consulting and officially started offering web development, online marketing, and e-commerce consulting services. The business grew rapidly, and by the end of the year it wasn’t just me anymore. We were a small distributed team of developers, designers, copywriters, photographers and more. It was obvious that my quick and easy choice in a name was no longer representative of our company, and we needed a new identity that better reflected the service we offered and our growth potential.

I’m excited to announce that Brandon Eley Consulting is now EleyDigital, and we have a new website at EleyDigital.com. We’ve updated the links from my personal blog to point to our new website.

We have decades of experience in website design & development, online marketing, and e-commerce. If you need help with your website or digital marketing strategy, we’d love to show you how we can help you grow your business. Get in touch.