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Who Do They Think Read Errors, Anyway?

Back in 2004 Jason Fried and Matthew Linderman of 37 Signals wrote Defensive Design for the Web because there was a real epidemic spreading around the Web. Error messages were cryptic, server-generated strings of gobbledygook that didn't make any sense to the real people visiting websites, and very few large websites seemed to give any thought or planning [...]

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Dear Amazon: Think of the kids!

Raising kids in a digital age is tough. How much screen time is too much? What devices have the best parental controls? Should I setup their device under my account or their own? It's confusing, frustrating, and sometimes aggravating that the most popular online services seem to ignore a HUGE future customer base: our kids. [...]

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Consumers vs. Customers without Capitalism

Why is it some professions can totally disregard their customer, neglecting to provide basic customer service at a fair price, yet still stay in business (or even have a growing, thriving business)? Because, thanks to legislation or a natural monopoly, not all industries adhere to the laws of capitalism. This morning as I sat in a [...]

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The New Year is Here, Let’s Recap 2013

Well, 2013 is over. Just thinking back, it didn’t seem like a monumental year at all. I stopped speaking at lots of conferences, so my travel schedule was much lighter than in previous years. I guess it just felt like I didn’t do a lot, but looking at the list below, 2013 was full of [...]

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